Frequently Asked Question

Q. Why can't I receive files with Android 1.5 (Cupcake) or 1.6 (Donut)?

A. If your phone is ROOTed, in other words you have gained root permissions with an hack and subsequently you have installed a customized firmware like CyanogenMod or Dwang, then you can receive files from any device (by accepting a "SU", aka SuperUser, dialog request).
Otherwise, without root permissions, you can receive files only from another "Bluetooth File Transfer (for Android)" software; so in this case only Android-to-Android transfers are supported. However, even without root, if you are able to connect to your target device (laptop, mobile phone, printer, car kit, and so on...) using our sofware, then you can download the files you want.

DOWNLOAD = receive files, UPLOAD = send files