Frequently Asked Question

Q. Why can't I play CUEsheet files generated by CUE Splitter using foobar2000?

A. CUE Splitter generates CUEsheet files adding a personal comments and using a Unicode (UTF16 encoding) file format; as it's default values. Unfortunately some versions of foobar2000 can't load CUEsheets with personal comments and/or saved in Unicode (UTF16 encoding) format.

So to solve this problem you must open CUE Splitter and press F6 to enter into the configuration window. Then switch to the "Miscellaneous" tab. Uncheck the option "Insert customized 'CUE Splitter' comment on generated CUE sheet files" and select ANSI under the "Text encoding of automatically generated CUE sheet files" combobox.

Now foobar2000 can read CUEsheets without problem!