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Bluetooth File Transfer (Android) - Version 3.20

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Saturday, 17 July 2010 15:49

A new version of our Bluetooth File Transfer software for Android has been released yesterday: it's now version 3.20! A lot of cool features have been added like the ability to create a shortcut on the Android desktop with your preferred files, as you can see from the screenshots below (expand this post to view the screenshots). Also the ability to calculate the MD5 and CRC32 of files can be extremely useful on some situations, expecially with ROM files. Finally, the thumbnails are automatically created also by exploring in "list view mode", but the Bluetooth page still requires a manual switch to the "thumbnail view mode" in order to create thumbnails...

Regarding the visibility troubles with Android 1.6 (and lower) it seems that the solution is to compile against an SDK level greater than or equal to 5 (Eclair) and insert in the manifest file the line <uses-feature  android:name="android.hardware.bluetooth"  android:required="false" />; it worked for us. Anyhow, a lot of questions are still unanswered, for example: why only the Bluetooth hardware was affected by this feature, and not the camera, GPS, accelerometer, WiFi, and so on? Why nobody at Google has thought to post a blog message or even better send an e-email to the developers? What happend to the applications that have lost ranking positions and downloads for a fault of Google? We are almost sure that Google will never reply to these questions also because the average age of an Android developers is nearby 12-years old!!! Not happy with Android, absolutely not: NOVICES!

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