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Bluetooth File Transfer (Android) - Version 3.95

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Wednesday, 03 November 2010 00:00

A new version of our Bluetooth File Transfer software for Android has been released: version number 3.95! It is now more compatible with Android 1.5/1.6 devices regarding the Bluetooth layer, like: DSTL1, IS01, Legend, and more. Unfortunately, some Dopod-branded devices are still not supported, but we are working on these bugs. Also the general stability of the software should now be extremely high, even if memory management on the Android OS is still a bottleneck. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) was improved a little more in order to speed-up common cut/copy/paste operations. File name collisions can be handled and full support to Zip, GZip and Tar archives is now implemented, for both compression and extraction. So, let's explain the major updates step by step...


Improved GUI: Selected items

This is a fast way to work on a group of items, files and folders, and it's easy as 1-2-3! First of all, select some items you would like to process, as you can see from the screenshot 1 below. Once selected, long-press over one of the highlighted items (screenshot 2). At this point a special context menu will appear, whose commands will be applied to the selected items (screenshot 3). NOTE - If you long-press over a non-highlighted item (screenshot 4), the normal context menu for that item will appear (screenshot 5).


Improved GUI: "Paste here" and "Paste into folder"

In order to speed-up common paste operations, special "Paste here" and "Paste into folder" commands was added in the context menu. First of all, let's assume we have 3 items already copied into the clipboard so we are now ready for a paste operation. If you long-press over a folder (screenshot 1a) the normal context menu will appear with both "Paste here" and "Paste into folder" entries at the top (screenshot 1b).

In the example, "Paste into folder" means to paste items into the New folder folder (so inside "/mnt/sdcard/DCIM/Foto2/New folder") while "Paste here" means to paste items into current folder (so inside "/mnt/sdcard/DCIM/Foto2").

While if you long-press over a file (screenshot 2a) the normal context menu will appear with "Paste here" entry only (screenshot 2b). Moreover, if you long-press over an empty area of the file view (screenshot 3a) a special context menu will appear with "Paste here" and "Create folder" commands (screenshot 3b). Obviously, if you long-press over an empty area of a partially filled file view (screenshot 4a) the special context menu will appear as well (screenshot 4b).

Useless to say that this technique also works in the thumbnail view mode (aka "grid view")!!!


File collision

Sometimes when you copy/paste elements between devices (or device-to-device), one or more items could already exists in target folder. In the past, an overwrite was automatically performed in this scenario, but now our software can handle these file collisions using a user dialog. Example, let's copy some files from a Bluetooth device (screenshot 1) then go back to local files and enter into the desired folder (screenshot 2), finally request a paste command (screenshot 3). At this point the transfer dialog will appear. If a folder name already exists on target folder, a collision dialog will appear (screenshot 4) and the same thing will happen for file names (screenshot 5). Here is a description of the buttons on the file collision dialog:

  • Rename - Target item is renamed by prepending an incremental number surrounded by square brackets on source item;
  • Skip - Current item is completely ignored (no rename nor merge/overwrite);
  • Merge - (folders only) The content of source folder is stored inside target folder;
  • Overwrite - (files only) Target item is overwritten by source item;
  • Remember this decision - If you put a check on it and then press Rename, for example, all future collisions will be automatically renamed without any further dialog prompt.

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